The Mahoney Real Estate Group – The Professional for Professionals

The Mahoney Real Estate Group – Professionals for Professionals

There’s an old saying that goes, “Every day is ordinary… until it isn’t,” which is exactly what happened to Kevin on an ordinary Tuesday when he received a call he wasn’t expecting. 

His business partner of 20 years, Naveed, wanted to buy him out and run the business alone. While unexpected, it wasn’t that surprising. When they had started the business, Kevin had been 45 years old and Naveed only 26. Now, 20 years later, Naveed had gained the experience necessary to successfully run the business and Kevin was looking forward to retirement. It was a win-win for them both.   

Kevin was now facing an enviable problem: What to do with all the buyout money he would be receiving? 

About 15 years ago, the business had started to become profitable – very profitable. At that time, Kevin, his wife Carol and three kids moved from their Etobicoke home to Rosedale. Fast-forward to today and all three kids are in University or living on their own. Kevin and Carol were starting to reconsider their need for a now very quiet five bedroom home. Over the last few years they had many conversations about an ideal new lifestyle- spending more time at the cottage, traveling and owning a boutique condo in the city. It was time to start living that dream.

That is how Kevin found himself at their financial advisor’s office. As a prudent planner and cautious spender by nature, Kevin had come to his advisor to ensure the proceeds from the buyout were invested as effectively and profitably as possible, inclusive of selling the family home for their new lifestyle in a boutique condo.

For the past 10 years, Laura has been Kevin and Carol’s financial advisor. Over time she has built their trust and confidence by making several profitable investments. This level of trust is why Kevin asked Laura how she can help him and Carole with the real estate transaction process.  

At first, Laura was reluctant to offer help with their buying and selling needs. As a financial advisor, Laura worked with many professional partners, but real estate agents were not among them. Firstly, she did not consider real estate agents professionals. Advisors such as herself, accountants, lawyers – all of these professionals took years to earn their credentials; real estate agents earned theirs in a matter of months. With a low barrier to entry, Laura was of the mindset that anyone could become a real estate agent, and in her experience, had yet to find an agent she trusted to offer the same level of sophistication that she offers her clients. Laura didn’t want to risk the reputation she had worked so hard to earn with Kevin and Carol by recommending an agent who would not deliver.

After evaluating the potential risks and rewards, Laura decided to take a chance and recommend an agent. After research, references and an introduction, Laura chose the Mahoney Real Estate Group. The Mahoney Real Estate Group are the ‘professionals for professionals’ and that was exactly what Laura needed. The founder, Sean Mahoney, was far from your typical Realtor. He was educated, highly experienced, and understood the value of foregoing short-term gains in favour of building long-term relationships. He was personable, knowledgeable, and most importantly, prioritized his clients’ experience above all else. 

Laura accompanied them to their initial client meeting and immediately knew she had made the right decision. The professionalism and knowledge of Sean and his team was above and beyond their expectation. They knew the market and could answer all of Kevin and Carol’s questions intelligently and confidently. They had a vast experience to draw from and made Kevin feel comfortable and optimistic when sharing client success stories similar to what Kevin was looking for. 

By working with Sean and his team, Kevin and Carol were able to find the boutique condo they had dreamed about. Sean negotiated a favorable sale price and sold their home for above asking. But more than that, Sean’s professionalism, support and experience earned their trust calming their overwhelming feeling of anxiety so many feel when making these once in a  lifetime decision. In fact, the experience was so positive that Kevin doubled his investment business with Laura and continued to work with the Mahoney Real Estate Group looking for investment properties.

Since then, Laura and Sean have worked together as valued business partners and continue to help each other build their businesses. If you’re a financial advisor looking to go above and beyond for your clients.


If you can relate to this and would like to start a conversation. Reach out to Sean Mahoney today.

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